Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Hybrid Really the Way to Go?

It's all about shrinking your bill at the pump. Americans are obsessed with eeking out every last mpg to save and many are turning to hybrids. But are hybrids the best way to go? Economically: probably not. While the 2011 Toyota Prius boasts an impressive 51mpg highway, that's just higher than Volkswagen's new Jetta TDI with a 4 cylinder turbocharged direct injected diesel that boasts 140hp, plenty of torque, and 42mpg highway (Many report an average of 50mpg). While it doesn't make it up to the same efficiency, the proven technology and the fact that it's a diesel makes it a high competitor for hybrids. I personally think that investing in a diesel sedan would be more cost effective than a hybrid, it will be interesting to see if American's will join in the diesel addiction.

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  1. Whatever happens the cost of fuel better come down here in the UK or I'll be trading in my workvan for a couple of donkeys, like the builders use in Morrocco!